• I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)3:43
  • Lights4:41
  • Sky4:54
  • Highlife3:26
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie3:40
  • Margaritaville4:53
  • Owata4:31
  • The Wreckers5:01
  • Love And Be Loved2:55
  • Dani California3:57
  • Drivin' (Album Version)4:37
  • In Your Eyes5:29
  • A Beautiful Morning2:36
  • Daddy's Song2:30
  • Tapioca Tundra3:08
  • Boogie No More6:06
  • On The Rocks4:23
  • Say It Isn't So4:03
  • (Keep Feeling) Fascination3:45
  • Sugar Sugar2:47
  • RING MY BELL3:34
  • More, More, More3:03

Here's a VW we did work on featured in SRQ Magazine.

Call us at (941) 365-6684

1724 Snug harbor Place Sarasota FL 34234

We've had many customers that have gone out and purchased a variety of different VW's throughout the years...  

PLEASE be careful out there!  If you buy a vintage VW like the ones we work on here day in and day out, chances are

it's at least 30-years old and it may need quite a bit of TLC.  Never be afraid to ask the owner questions,  

or just call ANY VW shop to double-check on something you're not sure of prior to your purchase.  

Repairs on any vintage VW or technologically advanced computer controlled late model Bus, Vanagon and

Cabriolet can be expensive at times.  If the VW hasn't ran in years, it could need costly and extensive fuel system work.  

These days ethanol mixed fuel can hurt our older cars, boats, ATV's, etc. if they sit idle after a few months.  

We highly recommend using "recreational fuel" (100% real gasoline!) if available in your area and "Stabil" if your VW is stored. 

There's no such thing as a stupid question when buying a VW.  

This poor VW is struggling with rust and bad gas in the tank!

Change your oil to avoid this gunk!​​​

The importance of doing annual preventive maintenance for your VW can save you aggravation down the road.  Your car will appreciate the extra care & attention too.

No matter....

Whether you do the work yourself, we do the work, or someone else does the work

on your VW,  it's important to maintain your VW with oil changes, valve adjustments and

general service.  Just take care of little problems before they get worse!  

And to our many customers that have stopped in over the years to let us maintain your VW's,  WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  We will continue to do our best keeping your classic on the road for many years to come.... After all, that's why we're here!  

Please feel free to email us at  volksrepair@comcast.net and we'll be happy to respond to

your questions quickly as possible, usually within 24-hours or less.