Most of Brian's technical automotive experience has been outside the VW world, but his heart has been working on family owned VW's over the years.  He brings a positive attitude & work ethic to Sunshine.
He'll do his very best to keep you & your VW happy!

If you're looking to have some custom work done to your VW, look no further than Matt the "Hitt Mann".  Welding, fabrication and working with you to build a custom VW are his specialties, along with keeping your present VW on the road.!

  • Sock It to Me Santa2:16
  • Tighter, Tighter (LP Version)2:48
  • Paradise City6:46
  • Highlife3:26
  • Owata4:31
  • The Wreckers5:01
  • Margaritaville4:53
  • Lights4:41
  • Love And Be Loved2:55
  • A Beautiful Morning2:36
  • Dani California3:57
  • Boogie Oogie Oogie3:40
  • In Your Eyes5:29
  • Drivin' (Album Version)4:37
  • More, More, More3:03
  • Daddy's Song2:30
  • On The Rocks4:23
  • Say It Isn't So4:03
  • Sugar Sugar2:47
  • Sky4:54
  • RING MY BELL3:34
  • Hound Dog2:18
  • Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)2:51
  • Friends4:26
  • Teen Angst4:15
  • Proud Mary3:09
  • Come On Eileen4:14
  • No Direction Home3:46
  • Roll Me Away4:40
  • Runnin' With The Pack5:24
  • Chattahoochee3:56
  • Uncle Salty4:09
  • Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You2:54
  • I Wish Everyday Could be Like Christmas4:29

We're happy to have Matt on the Sunshine team!

Brian is working hard to keep your VW on the road!

Sunshine Auto Garage started when I walked away from my secure Management position of 8-years at a Corporate owned, local mega-plex 20-screen movie theater to buy Rick's VW Repair as Rick was retiring.  Rick's original location was located on US-41 behind Sound-Waves Car Audio, my old stereo shop, and knowing Rick personally made the purchase of Rick's VW Repair feel right. The shop was pretty much an automotive junk yard by 2004 when I purchased it, but my vision to bring it back to life had begun.

The shop reminded me of a scene from the movie "Herbie Fully Loaded" where poor Herbie was dropped off

at a "Crazy Dave's" junk yard and left for scrap. Talk about a VW with a fun-filled past feeling under appreciated! 

But don't worry!  

Those days of "junk yard" atmosphere here at the shop are gone and #53 Herbie is back here and doing just fine!  Stop by and see him anytime, he's usually parked out front & he loves the attention!  

There were over 150-VW's with trees and weeds growing out of them, fire ant hills 3-feet high, and many stripped cars - abandoned and left for dead - in a true automotive junk yard. It was a depressing sight for any classic VW or auto enthusiast. 

Say hello to Norman ~ Our Tour Guide & Test Pilot!

It was a long road from Rick's VW Repair to Sunshine Auto Garage.  

VW parts, service & restoration

Cleaning up the yard and distressed shop was a serious challenge! 

Francis Hetherington - Owner - Sunshine Auto Garage

Photo of Herbie taken 6/5/2015 by Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Enjoy the music jukebox on each page while you check out the SUNSHINE website!

Call us at (941) 365-6684

1724 Snug harbor Place Sarasota FL 34234

Camera shy Shop Assistant Norman enjoys VW's & surfing, but not necessarily in that order!  He loves talking VW's when you visit the shop & will also give you a tour when he's not out on a test drive.  If you ask, he might just take a photo of you with one of the many VW's here.  Maybe you can sneak him into a photo too.  His friendly & super-posivie attitude helps make Sunshine Auto Garage a FUN place to visit & work!

We're often told the shop has never looked better and some of those old VW's from years past still remain

here at the shop, along with many new arrivals.  These days they're given much more love and attention than ever before, and most are used for storage rather than being stripped down for parts so perhaps they can someday be saved, restored and put back on the road...  

After all:
"No VW should ever die"!